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Philip M. Gollucci píše v po 13. 04. 2009 v 16:29 -0400:

> >> Next up, I'd like to make which is for www/mod_perl*
> >> and will let me remove the WITH_APACHE and WITH_APACHE2 from ports
> >> that can use either. (USE_MP=13|20 and USE_APREQ=13|20)
> > 
> > Why new include file, cannot it be folded into ?
> Sure it could be, but I wanted to do it distinctly as large amounts of 
> need twiki/updating/modernizing.  Why the general thoughts of no
> new files in Mk/ ?  Is there an overhead I'm missing ?

It interferes with my general sense of tidyness, that's all.

> >> Then, with I think should start with just support for
> >> www/apache*.  zope, ngix, lighttpd, etc.. should be added next 1 at a time.
> > 
> > This sounds like an overkill, but I haven't seen the details.
> Not really. Its also largely requested by committers, users, and other.
> The end result being something like:
> USE_WEBSERVER=	apache20+ ngixX+ zopeY- lighttpdZ
> Somewhere you set WEB_SERVER=foo (sort of like APACHE_PORT)

In the simpler form (USE_WEBSERVER=yes) yeah, this has been requested a

> Its kind of analogous to the Widget Factory pattern or maybe Sigleton.

Now you lost me.

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