mod_python "version mismatch"

Philip M. Gollucci pgollucci at
Mon Apr 6 13:33:20 PDT 2009

Steve Williams wrote:
> On Apache start/restart, this always appears in httpd-error.log:
> python_init: Python version mismatch, expected '2.5.2', found '2.5.4'.
> As far as I know, it doesn't hurt anything, but is this something that 
> should be resolved?
> I did some googling.  I didn't understand everything I read, but I 
> believe the error is because I'm using:
> apache-2.2.11_3
> Together with:
> mod_python-3.3.1_2
> python25-2.5.4_1

No, you compiled mod_pythong with the old python.

Yes, you should resolve it.  The versions are so close that it probably won't 
hurt you, but if something segv I'd look there first.

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