[: -le: argument expected

Ian Smith smithi at nimnet.asn.au
Thu Jan 31 19:10:37 PST 2008

[I've kept your ccs, but I'm only subscribed to -stable]

On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, Chris H. wrote:

 > Hello Pete, and thank you for your continued input. I really appreciate it.
 > Quoting Pete French <petefrench at ticketswitch.com>:

[.. huge snip.. ]

 > > How about try configuring it *not* to build the apache dependent bits and
 > > see if it compiles then? The php5 port only depends on Apache if you tell it
 > > to build the Apache module.
 > I'm /quite/ sure that that will work flawlessly. I'll do that first, and
 > report my experience.
 > >
 > > Or try installing it with pkg_add -r ?
 > I won't realize the recent changes that cvsup has added to the port source.

It wouldn't work anyway.  Unless things have changed very recently - and
I'd be pleasantly surprised to be told that they had - for some utterly
bizarre reason, the php5 package does not include the apache module.

Well, the reason is that packages are built with default port options,
and the apache module is not a default port option.  Fair enough, but
for those people who'd hope to be able to install apache[anything] +
php5 from packages, a php5-with-modphp5 package would be really handy.

cheers, Ian

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