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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
f ports/129942 apache     [NEW PORT] www/mod_ip_count: DoS prevention apache2 mo
o ports/128952 apache     [NEW PORT] java/javadb: Sun's supported distribution o
o ports/128078 apache     www/apache20 -- LDAP support is broken
o ports/126053 apache     www/apache22: missing dependancy on apr-svn
f ports/125805 apache     www/apache22: apache2.2 stops handling connections
o ports/125464 apache     [patch] Apache Bench in www/apache22 doesn't work
o ports/125183 apache     wrong SUEXEC_DOCROOT with www/apache22
o ports/124671 apache     www/apache20 port's package does not include rc.d star
o ports/124375 apache     www/mod_auth_kerb doesn't compile against heimdal
o ports/121134 apache     www/mod_log_sql2-dtc scoreboard problem
o ports/120409 apache     (7.0-RC1) segfault on HUP with www/apache20 + some php
o ports/120229 apache     www/apache20 does not pick up usernames from NIS [regr
o ports/118003 apache     www/apache22: with PgSQL option require only
o ports/117596 apache     www/Apache22 - apache 2.2.6 segfault when using mod_db
o ports/110651 apache     Use USE_BDB infrastructure to select appropriate db[2-
f ports/109268 apache     www/apache22: apache-worker-2.2.4 threads problem on 6
o ports/108169 apache     Wrong AP_SAFE_PATH for suEXEC with www/apache20
f ports/106445 apache     mod_proxy_ajp very slow on FreeBSD 6.2-RC1 amd64
o ports/104282 apache - strange apache20 vs apache22 issue
a ports/101566 apache     www/apache20: All .svn subdirectories in $(htdocsdir) 
o ports/100350 apache     www/apache20 profiles not working at system startup/sh
a ports/96953  apache     apache22 port uses its own directories
o ports/96749  apache     Support Berkeley DB in Apache 2
o ports/91681  apache     apache-2.0.54_4 building modules fails using integrate
o ports/83644  apache     add support for ndbm to www/apache20

25 problems total.

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