/usr/local/etc/rc.d/apache22 restart broken?!

Neo [GC] neo at gothic-chat.de
Fri May 4 11:47:08 UTC 2007


maybe there is already a bug-report, but i haven't found anything about 
"restart" in the mailinglist archive.

I have the problem, that the rc-script for the apache22-port seems to be 
broken. The actions 'start', 'stop' and graceful are working perfectly 
with multiple server-configs in /etc/rc.conf, bus 'restart' isn't using 
the rc-vars. So to do a complete restart of the server, you have to make 
'apache22 stop && apache22 start', wich is no huge problem, but not so nice.
As far as i remember, there was another problem with the rc-script, the 
normal version appends the .sh extension when calling itself, but the 
extension is gone in new versions.

Has anyone a patch for this? I'm not so experienced in hacking 
rc-scripts, additionally every portupgrade reverts it back to the broken 

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