Apache & Thttpd port conflict

Anders Nordby anders at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jun 14 22:10:25 UTC 2007


I just updated the thttpd port to use a different name than htpasswd for
its password program. It should be removed from CONFLICTS in the
following ports then, I suppose:

apache13+ipv6, MAINTAINER= sumikawa at FreeBSD.org
apache13-modperl, MAINTAINER= apache at FreeBSD.org
apache13-modssl, MAINTAINER= dinoex at FreeBSD.org
apache13-ssl, MAINTAINER= apache at FreeBSD.org
apache13, MAINTAINER= ache at freebsd.org
apache20, MAINTAINER= clement at FreeBSD.org
apache21, MAINTAINER= clement at FreeBSD.org
apache22, MAINTAINER= clement at FreeBSD.org

Would you do that for your ports, or shall I just go ahead with it in
one commit?

Any other comments?



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