Question about Apache2 Port and FreeBSD 6 kernel options

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Sun Jun 25 14:01:20 UTC 2006

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On Sun, Jun 25, 2006 at 01:41:20PM +0200, FreeBSD-Ports wrote:
> Hi,
> Today I installed a custom kernel from 6.1-RELEASE-p1 source and after

> that Apache2 will not start anymore. It segfaults when starting. After

> making and installing a GENERIC kernel Apache does start and runs
> The Apache errors I got are:
> - in httpd_error.log: Sun Jun 25 12:21:44 2006] [warn] pid file 
> /var/run/ overwritten -- Unclean shutdown of previous Apache 
> run?
> - in /var/log/messages: Jun 25 12:21:44 pid 2608 
> (httpd), uid 0: exited on signal 12 (core dumped)

"Exiting on signal 12" means that httpd tryies to use syscalls that your
kernel doesn't support. I think that the removal of "options SYSYV*" is
the cause of your problem.
Could you please tries those 2 tests to confirms this?
rebuild a custom kernel, named TEST, which is the same as your custom
one, except you keep SYSVS* options.
Then boot on it, and test if httpd starts properly.
Rebuild apache when you run your custom kernel to see if configure
script catch the lack of SYSVS support.


Hi Clem,

Did the first test, build a custom kernel but now with the 3 SYSV memory
options, and Apache2 has started ok with this and is running ok now. So
the SYSV memory options are needed and were causing the problem.

Is the second test also needed because I have to go back to the wrong
kernel to test that I guess?

Thanx for your help.

Lars Wittebrood.

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