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 phpbb installation: 

>I am just trying to work out the configuration options for
>Does anyone habe any ideas on a good to install phpbb on a server with a
>number of virtual hosts, a number of which, will be running phpbb?
>Glancing at the makefile I have drawn the impression that  some tweaking
> might be needed.
>I am using name-based hosting and am uncertain how to proceed.
># The phpBB2 port supports a number of variables that may be tweaked at
> build # time.  Perform a "make options" to see more information on these
> variables. #
>WWWDOCROOT?=    www/data
>PHPBBURL?=      phpBB2
>                                         (is this meant to be the file
>location for installation purposes or the web site url?)
>WWWOWN?=        www
>WWWGRP?=        www
I have installed phpBB to the existing server as a trial and the files appear 
to be in the location indicated by stnadrad output. When I run open up 
install/install.php I get a blank screen.

any ideas how I can get enough info to help debug this problem?


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