Non-current Ports

Craig Mead craig.mead at
Fri Jul 29 03:30:26 GMT 2005

First up, apologies if this is the incorrect list to post this to, but I
found it was the most relevant.


Have a website which works perfectly under PHP 4.3.11 however doesn't
function under 4.4.0 due to the way references changed. Upgrading the
server to a beefier box as the traffics really picking up, but since my
last install a cvsup for ports will upgrade PHP to 4.4.0. Not too
successful doing the services I need before upgrading the ports as there
is only beta versions of apache 2 etc.

I'm aware that all the old source is out there and can be manually
built, but more to satisfy my curiosity and to speed things up in the
future, is there a correct way to port in an older version of a package
or similar? (I found a few pages that said make the packages on a system 
with the older ports, move them accross and pkg_add. This worked OK for 
the base PHP, however start doing mysql-php modules and it starts you 
chasing the dependancies manually, also, what happens after that machine 
gets upped to the newest ports?



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