FreeBSD Port: mod_musicindex-0.99.7

Ingmar Gebert ingmar.gebert at
Wed Jan 19 10:42:08 PST 2005

Hi Clement,

> First of all, there no "official layout" for webapps.
> OTOH, as mnaintainer of apache ports, I consider ${PREFIX}/www/data
> should only be used by default webpage(s) of webservers (apache,
> monkey  etc...). webapps (or any webcontent created by ports) have to
> be put in ${PREFIX}/www/${PORTNAME}.
> BTW, it has to be discussed to find a clever and modular policy
> about webapps.

didn't know about the web folder policy. I agree web applications and server 
modules should be treated differently, but they should nevertheless work out of 
the box. At the moment mod_musicindex assumes that style data can be read from 
<serveradress>/musicindex, but it can't. There should be at least a notice that 
an Alias with the name /musicindex has to be created (better yet add it with the 
install script) or the data needs to be copied to www/data by hand.

> > Also, the module does not seem to read these files from the location
> > specified in the <Directory> directive in httpd.conf. It always tries to
> > read from <host>/musicindex. Is this path fixed at compile time ?
> I'll have a look at it tonight, but BTW, it can be fixed by tweaking
> apache config (by using Alias directive).
> Thanks for the report.

Thanks for looking into it.


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