apache_1.3+mod_ssl with mod_php5 install question

Will French wfrench at prevailnet.net
Thu Aug 18 15:01:48 GMT 2005

Please excuse the ignorance of this newbie...What I am trying to do 
seems like it should be very common... but...

I am trying to use apache1.3+mod_ssl and mod_php5 together. 
When I try this from packages, I can install apache fine and even get it 
running.  However, when I try to install mod_php5 from packages, it 
fails because it tries to install the vanilla apache_1.3 package as a 
prerequisite which itself fails, presumably because it conflicts with 

I have tried it from ports.  When I do, apache+mod_ssl installs fine but 
mod_php5 dies complaining of a patch failure on acinclude and zend.h.

To my thinking there must literally be thousands of freeBSD users out 
there who want to run apache with mod_ssl and mod_php5.  There must be a 
straightforward way to do this that I am missing.  I have scoured the 
internet and find only examples of how to break out of ports/packages 
altogether which I am not kean to do unless absolutely necessary.  I 
have RTFM'ed until I'm blue in the face.  Any help would be greatly 

Thanks in advance


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