apache+ssl+mod_php4 - is it possible?

ray at redshift.com ray at redshift.com
Mon Apr 11 23:21:46 PDT 2005

try making a symbolic link to libm.so.3 - that will usually help matters:

/lib/libm.so.2 -> /lib/libm.so.3

e-mail me directly if you need a run down on building apache and PHP4, etc


At 11:14 PM 4/11/2005 -0700, null wrote:
| Greetings,
|  I can't seem to get apache13+ssl to build from source. It dies with
| "libm.so.2 can't
| be found". If I install it by package from /stand/sysinstall it will
| install fine. But then
| I am unable to add mod_php4 or any other mod_*. I checked this system and
| one other
| 5.4 system I have and libm.so.* does not exist. The system in question is an:
| i386 running 5.4-RC1. Thank you for all your time and consideration in
| this matter.
| Sincerely,
|  Chris
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