apache+mod_ssl signal 4

Uzi Klein uzi at bmby.com
Sun Apr 3 04:47:38 PDT 2005

Dirk Meyer wrote:
> Uzi Klein schrieb:,
>>I Installed apache-moddssl port
>>(using portinstall www/apache13-modssl)
>>When i start apache using "apachectl start" everything works just fine,
>>but when i try "apachectl startssl" i have some errors i have no idea
>>what to do with
>>httpd-error log gives me :
>>[Fri Apr  1 11:40:24 2005] [info] mod_unique_id: using ip addr
>>[Fri Apr  1 11:40:25 2005] [info] (2)No such file or directory:
>>make_sock: for port 443, setsockopt: (SO_ACCEPTFILTER)
>>[Fri Apr  1 11:40:25 2005] [info] (2)No such file or directory:
>>make_sock: for port 80, setsockopt: (SO_ACCEPTFILTER)
> What modules have you installed?
Only mod_perl, and I fixed the dep using pkgdb -F

> pelade don install any binray mod_* port,
I Didn't. The modules (besides mod_perl, from ports) are auto installed 
with apache

I did set the log level in httpd.conf to "Debug".

> as apache-moddssl as a diffrent ABI.
> Each port dependent on apache should be recomiled with
> APACHE_PORT=www/apache13-modssl
> in /etc/make.conf.
OK, Added that.

Should i recomplie?

i guess i can do something like portupgrade -rfR www/apache13-modlls
but will it help?

> kind regards Dirk
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Uzi Klein
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