Apache 1.3.x vs 2.0.x

stephane martin stephane.martin at m4x.org
Fri Sep 17 08:26:10 PDT 2004

>I know that php.net used to recommend running only on 1.3 but is this
>still the case?

One reason for the recommandation is that Apache2 is a multi-threaded server, 
whereas not all the libraries php use are thread-safe, so it could produce 
some strange random bugs. But Apache2 is by default in a prefork mode under 
FreeBSD, so you can use both Apache2 and PHP without any difficulties (as 
long as you do not quit the prefork mode).

It is probably the same problem with mod_python and mod_perl.

>I've also upgraded some serers to PHP5 stable and it seems to run
>well, is this the case with Apache 2.0?

I upgraded my servers to PHP5 last week. I haven't noticed any problem yet.


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