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Tue Sep 7 06:29:18 PDT 2004

AFAIK slashcode does not run under mod_perl2 at all yet.

lists at wrote:

> Clem, sorry, thought that I should have forwarded this on to the other 
> folks in your cc previously.
>> Thanks much!  The only dilemma is that www/slash will not install with 
>> mod_perl2 by default (at least the way the port appears to be set up), 
>> which is the only reason I'm interested in this... :)  I guess I could 
>> hack around on it, but I thought that you/someone would want to know 
>> as that is the root of the problem.
>> -George
>>> lists at wrote:
>>>> Thanks Clem, no hurry.  I will not be working on this again until
>>>> Monday or Tuesday.
>>>> 1) apache-2.0.50_2
>>>> 2) please find attached the output as file "out"
>>> www/mod_perl is designed for apache13 only. Please use mod_perl2 ;)
>>> clem

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