Split of httpd.conf in apache2 port

Clement Laforet sheepkiller at cultdeadsheep.org
Wed Oct 13 07:50:41 PDT 2004


Since httpd.conf will surely be split into multiples files for 2.1/2.2,
I decided to light our httpd.conf.
Here's the layout I propose:
(|----> means "includes")
etc/apache2/httpd.conf (contains only the list of modules and Includes)
              |----> server.conf (network and demon only options)
              |----> FreeBSD-default.conf (only usefull default options)
              |----> Includes/

It should be easier for users to be sync'd with small changes in config I
can add, and to take advantages of them when they do an upgrade.
I also plan to remove highperformance-std.conf.

Comments are welcome.

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