[proposal] modular envvars

Clement Laforet clement at FreeBSD.org
Fri Dec 17 07:09:50 PST 2004

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 23:56:04 +0900
Hye-Shik Chang <perky at i18n.org> wrote:

> I'll be happy if we adopt debian-like config installation system
> here.  It will be like this:
> apache2 port creates a directory on its installation:
> /usr/local/sbin/apache2-envvars.d/
In my patch, it's located at ${PREFIX}/etc/apache2/envvars.d
> And apache module ports which wants some modification on envvars
> (namely, www/mod_python{,3}) install its own configuration under
> there:
> /usr/local/sbin/apache2-envvars.d/mod_python.sh
> /usr/local/sbin/apache2-envvars.d/mod_python3.sh
> /usr/local/sbin/apache2-envvars.d/mod_yet_another.sh

> And, envvars contains a script which traverses the directory.
> like:
> for f in /usr/local/sbin/apache2/envvars.d/*; do
>     source $f;
> done

I'd prefer having something like /usr/local/sbin/apache2/envvars.d/*.env
(or wathever you wished to have as extension)
> I found this idea from debian's apache package and it looks very
> useful for not only envvars but also httpd.conf. (we have several
> ports that needs modification on httpd.conf in the ports already)
> It was just an idea.  :-)
We had the same ;-)
apache2/apache21 ports include ${PREFIX}/etc/apache2/Includes/*.conf per default.

If nobody objects, I'll commit it tonight (just the time to find why
envvars is executed @ install/deinstall time)

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