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Tue Apr 27 18:25:34 UTC 2021

The FreeBSD CORE Team invites you to a Best Practices virtual panel discussion at either 1800 UTC on May 12, 2021, or 0200 UTC on May 26, 2021. (We’re arranging two separate meetings to accommodate attendees in different Time Zones.) The discussion will primarily cover how developers can improve code coverage, code testing, code review, documentation testing, and ports testing as well as how the Project can maintain industry best practices to deliver a secure, high-performing Operating System.

We’ll have a diverse group of FreeBSD developers, drawing from both ports and src contributors, so we hope to hear a wide range of views from within the Project. Our moderator, Warner Losh, will lead the panel discussion through several broad topics and will monitor IRC for relevant questions or comments from the audience. We are still working on the list of participants and will announce it in advance. Meanwhile, we invite you to start asking yourself what we do well today as a community, what obstacles we face in our current efforts, and what we can strive toward in the future.

The goals of these roundtables will be to gather source material for a “FreeBSD Best Practices” handbook, to set the general direction for the Project’s workflows, and to gather requirements for additional tooling needed to expand our exsting CI pipeline for pre-commit checks. We’ll discuss any open issues in follow-up sessions at the Developers’ Summit in June.

See https://wiki.freebsd.org/OfficeHours for updates, a link to the agenda, and details on how to watch via live stream or participate via an interactive meeting. Send questions to the moderator, Warner Losh, at imp at FreeBSD.org.

Thanks! We look forward to seeing you.

Moin (bofh), with core-secretary@ hat on
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