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FreeBSD Core Team Secretary core-secretary at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jun 9 20:13:28 UTC 2020

Dear FreeBSD community,

The FreeBSD Project has adopted a new LLVM-derived code of conduct.  The
new code of conduct can be found at



Active FreeBSD developers were invited to complete two surveys related
to our Code of Conduct.

The first survey, conducted in 2018, told us that:

   - 94% of developers believe respectful communication in the project
     is important; 1% disagreed

   - 89% believe FreeBSD should be welcoming to people of all
     backgrounds; 2% disagreed

   - 73% say toxic people should be removed from the Project regardless
     of their technical contribution; 9% disagreed

   - 35% were dissatisfied with the code of conduct adopted in 2018, 34%
     were neutral, and 30% were satisfied.

These results indicated that there was sufficient dissatisfaction with
the current code of conduct to warrant investigation.  After reviewing
other open source codes of conduct, the FreeBSD Core Team investigated
adopting either an LLVM-derived or a Go-derived code of conduct.

A second survey was held at the start of June and had only one question:

  Which code of conduct should FreeBSD adopt?

   - An LLVM-derived code of conduct:

   - A Go-Derived code of conduct:

   - Retain the current code of conduct:


   -  4% favoured keeping the current code of conduct

   - 33% favoured the Go-derived code of conduct

   - 63% favoured the LLVM-derived code of conduct.

Thus, the Core Team, following the preference of a majority of active
FreeBSD developers, adopted the LLVM-derived code of conduct.


Thank you to the LLVM and Go communities, and our impassioned members
who helped champion this evolution.

FreeBSD Core Team
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