[FreeBSD-Announce] The base src to cvs exporter is being retired

Peter Wemm peter at wemm.org
Mon May 26 22:53:45 UTC 2014

While doing some maintenance work on the svn->cvs exporter last week, It was 
discovered that its staging areas had been corrupted again.

As a reminder, we said we'd try to keep the exporter running "best effort basis 
until 9.0-RELEASE, 8.3-RELEASE, 7.4-RELEASE are no longer supported".  All of 
these milestones are in the past.

Archives of the last runs of the exporter are propagating to ftp.FreeBSD.org 
in /pub/FreeBSD/development/CVS-archive/ at this time.

The contents of the src collection in the cvsup mirrors has been frozen and 
will soon only be available from the archive above.  The previously removed 
ports, doc, www collections are also archived there for archaeology purposes.

We still provide old-style pkg_add binary packages for both "subversion" and 
"svnup" for FreeBSD-8.x and 9.x.  We provide new style 'pkg install' binary 
builds of these every week via pkg.FreeBSD.org.

Both subversion and svnup build from source without too much difficulty on older 
versions of FreeBSD if required.

We also provide daily source and ports tarballs on  ftp.FreeBSD.org at 
/pub/FreeBSD/development/tarballs/  as last resort for people with very 
ancient releases.

Obtaining FreeBSD via subversion is documented at:

The temporary transition aid from 2008 had a good run.  It is time to put it 
to rest.

-Peter (murderer of cvs)
Peter Wemm - peter at wemm.org; peter at FreeBSD.org; peter at yahoo-inc.com; KI6FJV
UTF-8: for when a ' just won\342\200\231t do.
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