[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD.org mailing list changes

Florian Smeets flo at FreeBSD.org
Sat May 3 19:30:12 UTC 2014


Some of the big email providers recently enabled and started to enforce
DMARC. This causes problems for mailing lists and messages from DMARC
enabled domains might not be delivered to email services that check and
enforce DMARC.

We will implement the following change once mailman 2.1.18 is released,
which should be very soon now.

Emails from DMARC-enabled services will have the From header rewritten
to the mailing list:

From: Some One <someone at example.org>

would become

From: Some One via FreeBSD-test <freebsd-test at freebsd.org>
Reply-to: someone at example.org

For most email clients this should not change anything.

You can find more information about the subject at http://dmarc.org/

Florian on behalf of postmaster at FreeBSD.org

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