[FreeBSD-Announce] Announcing Foundation Funded Project!

Deb Goodkin deb at freebsd.org
Tue Nov 6 16:32:07 UTC 2012

Dear FreeBSD Community,

The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to announce that Aleksandr Rybalko
has been awarded a grant to port FreeBSD to the Genesi Efika MX SmartBook
laptop and SmartTop nettop devices.

Both use the Freescale i.MX515, an ARM Cortex-A8 System-on-Chip (SoC).
These low power devices will provide convenient reference platforms
for FreeBSD on
ARM, as they are low-cost complete systems. The Smartbook includes a
10" display, 3G connectivity and a battery life of 6 to 8 hours for $199.

When this project is completed, it will be possible to run X11
applications on FreeBSD on the Efika, with full support for sound and
networking.  It will also make it much easier to support other
devices, such as some Android tablets, that ship with the i.MX515 SoC.

This project will be completed by the end of 2012.

The FreeBSD Foundation

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