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Heads up.

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So, we are just waiting on MD sorting out uploading his images with Mark,
plus someone hitting the Tor project so they list our Tor mirror.

Comments appreciated, inline.

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The New York City *BSD User Group (NYC*BUG) is proud to announce the
launching of multiple mirrors serving the BSD and open source community.

The mirrors, hosted in a cabinet donated by New York Internet, include the
following official mirrors:

* DragonFlyBSD

* OpenBSD

* m0n0wall, a FreeBSD-based firewall distribution customized for embedded

* The Tor Project, an open source public anonymity network

* BHyVe images, a FreeBSD-based type 2 Hypervisor virtualization created by
NetApp developers, with the images maintained by Michael Dexter of Call for
Testing (callfortesting.org)

The mirrors are located at http://mirrors.nycbug.org, and are accessible
over http, ftp and rsync protocols.

NYC*BUG looks forward to expanding the mirrors to include other projects
relevant to the BSD community in the future.  For inquiries, please contact
mirror-admin at nycbug.org.

The NYC*BUG cabinet hosts a variety of other BSD projects, including a
server for the BSD Certification Group, BSD.lv, a build server for FreeBSD's
Sparc64 ports in addition to an array of mailing lists.

The cabinet is composed of hardware donated by an array of NYC*BUG members.

NYC*BUG (http://www.nycbug.org) was launched in 2003 to serve and expand the
BSD community in the New York metropolitan area.  NYC*BUG hosts monthly
meetings, in addition to bi-annual conferences in Manhattan.
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