[FreeBSD-Announce] EuroBSDcon 2011 - 5 more days early bird discount

Paul Schenkeveld freebsd at psconsult.nl
Fri Aug 26 20:30:53 UTC 2011

Early bird registration for EuroBSDcon 2011 ends august 31, 2011

Why wait longer?  Register now!

      October is a popular month for visiting the center of the
      Netherlands but we have been able to set aside enough hotel
      rooms for all of you at reasonable rates but don't wait too
      long.  See our hotels page for booking codes, special rates
      and when our options expire.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      EuroBSDcon 2011 - Maarssen, The Netherlands - oct 6-9, 2011


                          Registration is now open

EuroBSDcon 2011 will take place in Maarssen, The Netherlands from
oct 6, 2011 till oct 9, 2011.  This will be the 10th anniversary of
EuroBSDcon so there is every reason to join this year!

Please spread the news and help make this anniversary an event to be

The conference will be on saturday and sunday (oct 8-9) preceeded by
two days of tutorials (oct 6-7).

Registration for the conference opened last week.  Register in august
to benefit from early registration fees.

We have been informed that hotels in the area are filling rapidly, see
our website for hotel information but don't wait too long to book your
hotel rooms.  We are still talking to hotels in the area to reserve
more rooms but october seems to be a popular month to visit the

Some of this years highlights:

  *  A two-day tutorial "An Introduction to the FreeBSD Open-Source
     Operating System" by Kirk McKusick which is a real MUST for
     everyone who want to work on BSD kernels.

  *  A tutorial on Dtrace by Tod McQuillin.  Dtrace is the new way to
     locate problems in applications and find performance bottlenecks.
     Dtrace was ported from OpenSolaris and is part of the FreeBSD
     base system since FreeBSD 8.

  *  A pfSense 2.0 tutorial by Chris Buechler.  PfSense 2.0 is a mayor
     inprovement over pfSense 1.x which has proven to be a versatile and
     reliable firewall with an easy to use web based admin interface.

  *  About 25 interesting talks Talks among which:

       - OpenBSD's PF packet filter which celebrates it's 10th
         anniversary too

       - A new NetBSD packet filter called NPF

       - The OpenBSD MPLS stack

       - HAST, high availability storage on FreeBSD

       - A BSD operating system on top of the Minix 3 kernel

       - How ZFS changes the life of system administrators

     See our website for the full list.

Hope to see you all in october and don't forget to bring along some
good weather :-)

Kind regards,

Paul Schenkeveld

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