[FreeBSD-Announce] NanoBSD and other topics in newest issue of BSD Magazine!

Olga Kartseva olga.kartseva at software.com.pl
Tue Jun 8 09:46:57 UTC 2010

a.. http://bsdmag.org/magazine/1114-bsd-firewalls
a.. Introduction to NanoBSD
NanoBSD is a tool developed by Poul-Henning Kamp phk at FreeBSD.org. It creates a FreeBSD system image for embedded applications, suitable for use on a Compact Flash card (or other mass storage medium).


a.. Feature: WebHostingBuzz a hosting company all too familiar with BSD
You may have noticed WebHostingBuzz has started to advertise in BSD magazine in recent months. In this article, we catch up with Matthew Russell, CEO and Dennis Arkhangelski, Senior Technical Manager and ask them some questions about their use of BSD within the organisation.

- Matthew Russell, Dennis Arkhangelski 

Secure Your Wireless with IPsec
a.. Wireless access is all the rage. Wireless this, wireless that. Hot spots are turning up everywhere. Many are free. Many have absolutely no security. There are several in my neighborhood. I have no idea who is running them, but at least one is wide open.


a.. Redundant firewalls with OpenBSD, CARP and pfsync
Firewalls are among the most critical network components, since their failure may cause entire groups of machines to remain offline. The damage may range from the public (web, mail, etc.) servers to become unreachable to the outside world up to being unable to surf this web site!


a.. Easier WINE Installation on amd64 FreeBSD
A short article on easier and faster method of installing WINE on an amd64 FreeBSD system.

- Slawomir Wojtczak (vermaden) 

a.. Configuring IP-Based SSL on multiple hosts with Apache and FreeBSD
I have a very large PHP/MySQL application running on FreeBSD 6.0. Before we go any further let's get it out of the way: yes, I should upgrade to a more current version, but when you have a big system running a lot of sites in a live environment, well, you often end up a couple of versions behind the most recent stable release.


a.. BSD File Sharing - Part 4. SSH
Last time I wrote on FTP and mentioned its security weakness, this time I intend to write on sharing and transfering files using its encrypted alternatives sftp, scp, and on fuse-sshfs.


a.. BSD Opinion Reflections of a Sys-admin
A sentimental Rob Somerville reflects on his experiences with IT over the years and concludes that the BSD family is yet to be recognised as the shining example of good engineering and innovation we know it is.


a.. SAP over BSD
As I did describe in the introduction BSD in the Industry last month, several applications are necessary to support all the Industry areas despite of traditional IT services and can be a big step in the BSD implementation into this world.


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