[FreeBSD-Announce] Foundation End-of-Year Fund Raising Drive Final Plea!

Deb Goodkin deb at freebsdfoundation.org
Wed Dec 29 03:01:03 UTC 2010

Dear FreeBSD Community,

Thank you for all of your generous donations! We have raised
$226,066 so far this year. We have three days left to meet our
goal of $350,000. So, we are making one last plea for donations
this year.

Why do we need to raise so much money? Here is a list of
some of our accomplishments and where our money went this

o Provided $100,000 in grants for projects that improve FreeBSD in the
    areas of:
     - DTrace support
     - High availability storage
     - Enhanced SNMP reporting
     - Virtualization and resource partitioning
     - Embedded device support
     - Networking stack improvements

  o Allocated $50,000 for equipment to enhance FreeBSD project

  o Sponsored 8 FreeBSD related conferences.

  o Funded 16 travel grants giving increased community and
    developer access to conferences.

  o Provided legal support to the FreeBSD project.

By meeting our fund-raising goal, we will be able to increase our
project development funding, purchase more needed equipment for the
Project's infrastructure, and support more FreeBSD related conferences.

Please help us continue to support the FreeBSD Project and community
by making a donation to The FreeBSD Foundation.

To make a donation, please go to:


To find out more about our fund-raising campaign, go to:


And thank you for your continued support of the FreeBSD Foundation.


The FreeBSD Foundation

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