[FreeBSD-Announce] Foundation Project Announcement

Deb Goodkin deb at freebsdfoundation.org
Thu May 28 16:47:49 UTC 2009

Dear FreeBSD Community,

The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to announce another project from our 
accepted project proposals!

Arnar Mar Sig has been awarded a grant to develop AVR32 support for 
FreeBSD. AVR32 is a 32-bit MIPS architecture targeted for low power high
throughput embedded applications. The target platform is the NGW100
reference design board from Atmel.

"This work will advance the MIPS support in FreeBSD and our capabilities
in building embedded applications," said Sam Leffler, The FreeBSD
Foundation, Director.

"I'm excited to be able to work on bringing FreeBSD to another
architecture and pushing it farther into the embedded market," said
Arnar Mar Sig, FreeBSD developer.

The project will be completed by August 2009.


The FreeBSD Foundation

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