[FreeBSD-Announce] Be Counted!

Deb Goodkin deb at freebsdfoundation.org
Thu Jul 30 16:52:56 UTC 2009

Dear FreeBSD Community,

Millions of systems run FreeBSD.  Hundreds of volunteers contribute to 
FreeBSD's success.  But what is the size of FreeBSD's user base?  This 
simple question is very hard to answer, but its answer is vital to the 
cause of promoting FreeBSD.  It is extremely difficult to convince
businesses to invest time and money to add FreeBSD support to their 
products based solely on vague estimates of the size of our community.
We should know - working to make FreeBSD a more widely supported 
platform is a task the FreeBSD Foundation has worked on since its inception.

Please help us in our fight to promote FreeBSD.  A donation to the
FreeBSD Foundation helps fund our work, but it also gives us strength
in numbers.  Our count of unique donors is a vital indication of the
size and buying power of our community.  However, we have never broken
even one thousand donors in any year.  We know in our hearts that this
is a small fraction of our user base and of those who want to help 
expand FreeBSD's presence.

So stand up and be counted!  Make a donation.  Encourage other FreeBSD
users to donate as well.  No donation amount is too large or too small. 
  Just by becoming a donor you are making a powerful statement about the 
strength of FreeBSD!

You can make a donation by going to: 

To find out more about The FreeBSD Foundation, please visit 

Thank You,

Justin T. Gibbs
President and Founder
The FreeBSD Foundation

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