[FreeBSD-Announce] 20 Student Projects Funded by GSoC

FreeBSD SoC Admin Team soc-admins at FreeBSD.org
Sat Apr 25 22:13:55 UTC 2009

The FreeBSD Project is happy to announce the funding of 20
student projects this summer as part of the Google Summer of
Code 2009.  This is our fifth year participating in GSoC. In
the Summer of Code, open source projects such as FreeBSD
invite students to propose summer projects.  Over the summer
students work with mentors to complete their projects.
Students who successfully complete the program receive
$4500(US) and the project receives $500.  For more information
about the summer of code, please visit:

Students will work on a wide array of projects
in the kernel, userspace, and the ports collection.  We are
excited to see many new participants as well as several
returning students.  We thank Google for this opportunity
to improve FreeBSD and expand our developer community.

The full list of projects and descriptions can be found at
and a list of projects can be found below.

For more information on these projects see student
posts to hackers@, check out the wiki project list
(http://wiki.freebsd.org/SummerOfCode2009Projects) or join
the soc-status mailing list were students will be posting
periodic status reports.

Please make our our students fell welcome.  We encourage
interested parties to keep up with student progress and to
feel free to offer appropriate assistance through out the summer.

	Application-Specific Audit Trails
	Student: Ilias Marinos 
	Mentor: Robert Watson

	BSD-licensed libiconv in base system
	Student: Gabor Kovesdan 
	Mentor: Xin LI

	Design and Implementation of Subsystem Support Libraries for
	Monitoring and Management
	Student: Gabor Janos Pali 
	Mentor: Oleksandr Tymoshenko

	FIFO Optimizations
	Student: Zhao Shuai 
	Mentor: John Baldwin

	Geom-based Disk Schedulers
	Student: Fabio Checconi
	Mentor: Luigi Rizzo

	Hierarchical Resource Limits
	Student: Edward Napierala 
	Mentor: Brooks Davis

	Implement TCP UTO
	Student: Fang Wang 
	Mentor: Rui Paulo

	Improving Second Extended File system (ext2fs) and making it
	GPL free
	Student: Aditya Sarawgi 
	Mentor: Ulf Lilleengen

	In kernel stackable cryptographic filesystem (ownfs)
	Student: Gleb Kurtsov 
	Mentor: Stanislav Sedov

	IPFW and dummynet improvements 
	Student: Marta Carbone 
	Mentor: Luigi Rizzo

	IPFW ruleset optimization and highlevel rule definition language
	Student: Tatsiana Elavaya 
	Mentor: Diomidis Spinellis

	IPv6 Secure Neighbor Discovery - native kernel APIs for FreeBSD
	Student: Ana Kukec
	Mentor: Bjoern Zeeb

	Package tools rewrite via a new package library, with new
	Student: David Forsythe
	Mentor: Tim Kientzle

	Porting NetworkManager to FreeBSD
	Student: Nikhil Bysani 
	Mentor: Ed Schouten

	Ports license infrastructure (part 2: integration)
	Student: Alejandro Pulver
	Mentor: Erwin Lansing

	puffs (pass-to-userspace framework file system) port for FreeBSD
	Student: Tatsiana Severyna 
	Mentor: Konstantin Belousov

	Reworking the callout scheme: towards a tickless kernel
	Student: Prashant Vaibhav 
	Mentor: Ed Maste

	TCP/IP Regression Testing Suite
	Student: Zachariah Riggle 
	Mentor: George Neville-Neil

	TrustedBSD Audit: Developing BSD licensed tools for importing,
	exporting from/to Linux audit log format and BSM
	Student: Satish Srinivasan 
	Mentor: Stacey Son

	USB improvements under FreeBSD
	Student: Sylvestre Gallon
	Mentors: Philip Paeps, Warner Losh

The FreeBSD Google Summer of Code Administrators
soc-admins at FreeBSD.org

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