[FreeBSD-Announce] Official FreeBSD Forums

Brad Davis brd at FreeBSD.org
Sun Nov 16 08:16:37 PST 2008

Dear FreeBSD users,

The FreeBSD project is finally, after much work, pleased to announce the
availability of an official FreeBSD web based discussion forum.  It is
our hope that this forum will serve as a public support channel for
FreeBSD users around the world and as a complement to our fine mailing

You can register and start using our new service here:


The structure of the forum is still in a late beta stage, so if you have
ideas, suggestions for improvements or bug reports, send them to:
forum-moderators at FreeBSD dot org.

Please also have a look at our rules before you create your first thread
or post your first message.  You can find our official list of forum
rules here:


Also, FreeBSD developers (people with commit access to our CVS/SVN trees)
can be distinguished by having an '@' character at the end of their

It is our hope that both users and developers will find this new service
useful.  Please help spread the word.

The FreeBSD Forums Admin Team

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