[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD.org begins switch to Subversion

Peter Wemm peter at wemm.org
Wed Jun 4 08:23:12 UTC 2008

The FreeBSD Project has begun the switch of its source code management
system from CVS to Subversion. At this point in time, FreeBSD's
developers are making changes to the base system in the Subversion
repository. There is a replication system in place that exports our
work to the legacy CVS tree on a continuous basis.

People who are using our extensive CVS based distribution network
(including anoncvs, CVSup, csup, cvsweb, ftp) will not be interrupted
by our work-in-progress.  You do not need to change anything if you do
not wish to.

We are committed to maintaining the existing CVS based distribution
system for *at least* the support lifetime of all existing "stable"
branches. Security and errata patches will continue to be made
available in their usual CVS locations.  The rest of the FreeBSD-6 and
FreeBSD-7 releases will be built and released from the CVS tree.

We expect to make our Subversion based source tree and other
supporting infrastructure public very soon. There will be new mailing
lists to subscribe to if you wish to receive Subversion commit

Our ports, doc and www trees are not affected at this time. A separate
decision will be made regarding the direction of those CVS
repositories soon.

Many people have contributed to the effort, but I particularly wish to
thank Michael Haggerty and the cvs2svn project developers for their
assistance with extracting and decrypting our 14 years of CVS history.
  Yahoo (my employer) donated server hardware and allowed me to spend
a considerable amount of time on the preparation, assembling the
infrastructure, and the conversion.
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