[FreeBSD-Announce] Foundation Accepting AsiaBSDCon Travel Grant Applications

Deb Goodkin deb at freebsd.org
Mon Feb 25 20:38:11 UTC 2008

Calling all FreeBSD developers needing assistance with travel expenses
to AsiaBSDCon 2008.

The FreeBSD Foundation will be providing a limited number of travel
grants to individuals requesting assistance. Please fill out and submit
the Travel Grant Request Application at
www.freebsdfoundation.org/documents/ by MARCH 2, 2008 to apply for this

We have increased our travel grant budget for 2008! Now we have the
resources to help send more FreeBSD developers to conferences. We still
ask you to look to your employers first for sponsorship or cost-splitting.

Also, to be considered for the grant, you must provide a detailed
justification for attending this conference in the application. Please
describe, not only your purpose for attending, but how the FreeBSD
project and community will benefit from you attending this conference.

Please note, we extended the deadline for the applications because of
difficulty getting this message out to this mailing list. We will send
our decisions out by March 5. We will not accept applications after
March 2, 2008.

Thank You,

The FreeBSD Foundation

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