[FreeBSD-Announce] Congratulations to our Summer of Code Students

Murray Stokely murray at FreeBSD.org
Tue Apr 22 08:38:28 UTC 2008

Google announced today that they are funding 21 Summer of Code
students to work on FreeBSD.  We had over 100 very competitive
applications and so it was difficult to narrow it down to these 21
students.  Each student will be paid by Google to spend the summer
working on a specified FreeBSD project with an assigned senior
developer to mentor them.  More information about this program is
available from http://code.google.com/soc.

We are very much looking forward to working with these students this
summer on the chosen FreeBSD related projects.  So without further
ado, the student/mentor pairs are :

* Dynamic memory allocation for dirhash in UFS2,
  Sean Nicholas Barkas, mentored by David Malone
* TCP/IP regression test suite,
  Victor Hugo Bilouro, mentored by George Neville-Neil
* Improved Wine support under FreeBSD,
  Eric Durbin, mentored by Kristofer Paul Moore (PC-BSD)
* Allowing for Parallel builds in the FreeBSD Ports Collection,
  David Forsythe, mentored by Mark Linimon
* Implementation of MPLS in FreeBSD,
  Ryan French, mentored by Kip Macy
* Audit Firewall Events from Kernel,
  Diego Giagio, mentored by Christian S.J. Peron
* Embedded FreeBSD project,
  James Andrew Harrison, mentored by Warner Losh
* FreeBSD auditing system testing,
  Vincenzo Iozzo, mentored by Attilio Rao
* Multibyte collation support,
  Konrad Jankowski, mentored by Diomidis Spinellis
* Porting BSD-licensed Text-Processing Tools from OpenBSD,
  Gabor Kovesdan, mentored by Max Khon
* Reference implementation of the SNTP client,
  Johannes Maximilian Kuehn, mentored by Harlan Stenn (NTP)
* Improving layer2 filtering in FreeBSD,
  Gleb Kurtsov, mentored by Andrew Thompson
* DTrace Toolkit on FreeBSD,
  LIQUN LI, mentored by John Birrell
* NFSv4 ACLs,
  Edward Tomasz Napierala, mentored by Robert Watson
* Adding .db support to pkg_tools --> pkg_improved,
  Anders Nore, mentored by Florent Thoumie
* 802.11 Fuzzing and Testing,
  Aniket Patankar, mentored by Sam Leffler
* TCP anomaly detector,
  Rui Alexandre Cunha Paulo, mentored by Andre Oppermann
* Ports license auditing infrastructure,
  Alejandro Pulver, mentored by Brooks Davis
* VM Algorithm Improvement,
  Mayur Shardul, mentored by Jeffrey Roberson
* Enhancing FreeBSD's Libarchive,
  Anselm Strauss, mentored by Timothy Kientzle
* Porting FreeBSD to Efika SoC (PPC bring up),
  Przemek Witaszczyk, mentored by Rafal Jaworowski

We are still in the process of getting these students signed up for
perforce and wiki accounts and such, but eventually the students will
create project pages describing their plans and progress at :


Thanks to everyone (over 60 committers registered this year!) that
helped review the student applications, and especially thanks to
Google for this significant investment in the the FreeBSD development

	- Murray Stokely
	  Robert Watson

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