[FreeBSD-Announce] Foundation auctioning off First Copy of Absolute FreeBSD

Deb Goodkin deb at freebsd.org
Tue Oct 23 13:32:13 PDT 2007

The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to announce we're kicking off our 2007 
Fall Fundraising campaign by auctioning off the first copy of the book 
Absolute FreeBSD, 2nd Edition. You can be the first one to own this 
book, while helping the FreeBSD Project and community. This book was 
generously donated by the author himself and he will include a signed 
authentic laser-printed Certificate of Authenticity, and a signed bookplate.

To bid on this phenomenal guide to FreeBSD go to:


All proceeds will go to the Foundation. We are using eBay's charitable 
organization called MissionFish to host the auction. MissionFish will 
deduct a small percentage of the donation to cover their costs.

Thank you to Michael Lucas for his donation to the foundation and all 
you eager bidders who want to help the project and community. The 
auction started today and will end Nov. 2.

Thank You,

Deb Goodkin
The FreeBSD Foundation

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