[FreeBSD-Announce] EuroBSDcon2007 registration is open! (plus poster-session info!)

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Sun Jun 17 10:14:36 UTC 2007

         The registration to EuroBSDcon2007 is open now:


            300DKK early bird discount until July 1st.

The conference price is 1800 DKK (EUR 240) a bit higher than we
wanted, but we have managed to secure very cheap lodging, Youth
Hostel style, at only 165 DKK, (EUR 22) per night.

Check out the talks and tutorials on our web-page:


See you in Wonderful Copenhagen, september 14-15 2007!

(And don't miss the trip to LEGOLand!)

                  EuroBSDcon2007 Poster Session

EuroBSDcon2007 will not have a "Work In Progress" session, it will have
poster session instead, possibly two, if we get many poster presenters.

The way it works is simple: During the lunch break the poster presenter
gets a place to stand with his poster, and people wander around looking
for stuff that interests them and the poster presenter makes his pitch
to who ever stops by.

Rules of the game:

    Any moderately BSD related topic is fair game.

You must be this tall:

    Proposals will be accepted or rejected solely on the graphical
    quality of the poster.

    A number of slots will be reserved for students.


    To get a slot, send email to <posters at eurobsdcon.dk> with:

	Your name & email address

	Topic of poster (1 paragraph)

	URL to pdf or photo of your poster
	    Do not attach the pdf or photo to the email, just
	    include a URL to it!

    It's OK to update your poster after I have seen it.


    Right before I run out of slots.

Do I get free transportation, entrance to the conference etc ?

    Sorry, we can't afford that (unless a sponsor volunteers)


    If you want your poster on the web-site with the other conference
    material, make sure to send us the final PDF version.

Poster size:

    Up to approx ISO-A0 portrait.
	Width  < 90cm (35")
	Height < 130cm (51")

Poster production:
    This is your own responsibility.

    Ask your university, school, local engineering company,
    friend who works with CAD etc.

    Many graphics companies and sign-shops can print posters
    for around EUR80 for A0.

    Use a good solid stock if you want to reuse your poster
    many times.

    If you want to have it printed in Denmark, try:

    If all else fails, drop me an email, and I can try to see if
    I can work something out.

Poster transportation:
    Use a tube if you can, folds are nothing but trouble.

    If you don't want to bring your poster on the plane, you
    are welcome to mail it to us in advance.

Poster Layout:

    Be creative, but cram all the stuff in there that you will
    need to show people.

    Don't be afraid to use small print (12 point), people
    will be standing right in front of your poster.

	Here are some good examples for your inspiration:


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