[FreeBSD-Announce] BSD Mall merging with FreeBSD Mall

Matt Olander matt at ixsystems.com
Wed Jun 6 17:48:15 UTC 2007

FreeBSD Mall (via iXsystems) has merged with BSD Mall.  Over the next month 
the BSDMall.com website will be transitioned to FreeBSDMall.com, after which 
time FreeBSD Mall will take over order fulfillment for all products.  As a 
result of this joining of forces, existing customers can expect faster 
shipping, better selection, and more BSD community support.

We've also got several new t-shirts up at FreeBSDMall.com that you may have 
seen at BSDCan or floating around on the web, including a FreeBSD Jails 
shirt, an artistic take on the new logo, and the current FreeBSD logo on 
black.  Expect additional new products up on the FreeBSDMall.com site over 
the next few months, including posters and more t-shirts.  The FreeBSD Mall 
will also soon be offering AMD64 versions of FreeBSD as well.

We've setup a suggestions (at) freebsdmall.com alias and will follow up with a 
submission form on the website. We'd love to hear the community's ideas for 
products and shirts or ways FreeBSD Mall can better serve the community.


Matt Olander
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