[FreeBSD-Announce] BIND 8 is EOL as of 27 August 2008 (fwd)

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Mon Aug 27 15:56:19 PDT 2007

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For all those currently using BIND 8, please be aware of the notice below 
from ISC.

Given that we have moved to BIND 9 for all of our releases from 5.x on 
(and BIND 9.4.x in 7-soon-to-be-release), and given that FreeBSD 4 was the 
last branch to have BIND 8, and itself is now EOL, the time has come to 
say good-bye to BIND 8.

I will be marking the bind8 (BIND 8.3.7) port FORBIDDEN since it contains 
the predictable query ID bug. I will also update the bind84 (currently 
BIND 8.4.7) port to 8.4.7-P1, and mark that port DEPRECATED with an 
EXPIRATION_DATE 3 months in the future.

Users who have heavily loaded BIND 8 installations and are concerned about 
performance should seriously consider testing FreeBSD 7 and BIND 9.4. That 
combination (which includes working threads) has demonstrated excellent 
performance, especially on SMP systems. Please see 
http://people.freebsd.org/~dougb/bind-resperf.png (a copy of work done by 
Kris Kenneway) to get an idea of the improvements in performance.

The URL listed below has some excellent resources regarding how to ease 
the transition from BIND 8 to 9. The named-checkconf and named-checkzone 
utilities in BIND 9 will also go a long way towards helping you shake out 
the bugs well in advance of putting a new BIND 9 server on line.

For users with questions not answered by the migration guides at the URL 
below I suggest posting to the bind-users at isc.org mailing list.



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From: ISC Customer Support <sue_graves at isc.org>
To: bind-announce at isc.org
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 13:55:05 -0700
Subject: BIND 8 is EOL as of 27 August 2008

Due to the continuing level of effort required to support BIND 8, ISC
has decided to change the status of BIND 8 to 'end of life'.

ISC strongly encourages users who depend on BIND 8 to migrate to BIND 9
as soon as possible.

It's never easy to retire a product. The security issues of BIND 8 are
many, and 7 years after the release of BIND 9, ISC must devote our
efforts to maintaining and enhancing the current version.  BIND 9 was
always intended as a replacement for BIND 8, thus there are no more BIND
8 releases planned beyond 8.4.7-P1, being released today.

Please see ISC's website at http://www.isc.org/sw/bind/bind8-eol.php for
additional information and migration tools.
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