[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD UFS2 Problems: Bounty sponsored and formalized by rsync.net

rsync.net info at rsync.net
Wed Apr 25 03:53:40 UTC 2007

rsync.net is pleased to announce Code Bounties for 2007:


Two of the five bounties are for FreeBSD related projects.  Please take
note of the "FreeBSD UFS2 problem resolution and standardized UFS2 stress
testing" bounty - we encourage you to contribute.

We have a nice list of tested and confirmed PRs that we will be submitting
in the next few weeks - things related to snapshots, quotas, full disks,
and large filesystems.  We are excited to put forth funds toward their

In addition, we would like very much for there to be a standardized
filesystem stress test that can be run on FreeBSD builds prior to release.
This will help the stability of the filesystem greatly, as many of the
problems we have found in quotas and snapshots (for instance) have
appeared and disappeared several times in both 5.x and 6.x.

As always, many thanks to the entire FreeBSD community for all of their


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