[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD Summer of Code Projects Announced

Murray Stokely murray at freebsd.org
Fri Apr 13 23:07:33 UTC 2007

The FreeBSD Project is pleased to announce its participation in the
Google Summer of Code program designed to introduce students to open
source software development.  We received over 120 high quality
applications, amongst which 25 projects have been selected for
funding.  The full list of accepted student proposals is available
here :


Unfortunately, due to the limited number of spots available, we were
unable to fund many first rate applications.  However, we encourage
students to work together with us all year round.  The FreeBSD Project
is always willing to help students learn more about operating system
development through our normal community mailing lists and development
forums.  Contributing to an open source software project is a valuable
component of a computer science education and great preparation for a
career in software development.

More information about the student projects will be available
throughout the summer from the FreeBSD Summer of Code Wiki :


We'd like to close by thanking Google for their generosity and
congratulating the 25 talented students below.

   - Murray & the FreeBSD Summer of Code Organizers and Mentors

Accepted student projects :

    * Project: GNOME front-end to freebsd-update(8)
      Student: Andrew Turner
      Mentor: Joe Marcus Clarke
    * Project: Multicast DNS responder (BSD-licensed)
      Student: Fredrik Lindberg
      Mentor: Bruce M. Simpson
    * Project: Unified ports / package system database backend
      Student: Garrett Cooper
      Mentor: Kirill Ponomarew
    * Project: Super Tunnel Daemon
      Student: Matus Harvan
      Mentor: Max Laier
    * Project: Rewriting lockmgr(9)
      Student: Attilio Rao
      Mentor: Jeff Roberson
    * Project: Apple's MacBook on FreeBSD
      Student: Rui Paulo
      Mentor: Andre Oppermann
    * Project: Security regression tests
      Student: Zhouyi ZHOU
      Mentor: Robert Watson
    * Project: GVinum Enhancements
      Student: Ulf Lilleengen
      Mentor: Lukas Ertl
    * Project: Parallelization of the Ports Collection
      Student: Wade Wesolowsky
      Mentor: Pav Lucistnik
    * Project: TCP/IP regression test suite
      Student: Nanjun Li
      Mentor: George V. Neville-Neil
    * Project: Avoiding syscall overhead
      Student: Jesper Brix Rosenkilde
      Mentor: Scott Long
    * Project: msdosfs Infrastructure
      Student: Brian Chu
      Mentor: Konstantin Belousov
    * Project: Port OpenBSD's sysctl Hardware Sensors framework
      Student: Constantine A. Murenin
      Mentor: Shteryana Shopova
    * Project: Distributed audit daemon
      Student: Alexey Mikhailov
      Mentor: Bjoern A. Zeeb
    * Project: Generic input device layer
      Student: Maxim Zhuravlev
      Mentor: Philip Paeps
    * Project: bus_alloc_resources() Code Update
      Student: Christopher Davis
      Mentor: Warner Losh
    * Project: BSD bintools project (Part I)
      Student: Kai Wang
      Mentor: Joseph Koshy
    * Project: Update of Linuxulator for Linux 2.6
      Student: Roman Divacky
      Mentor: Konstantin Belousov
    * Project: BSD-licensed Text-Processing Tools
      Student: Christopher Lindsay
      Mentor: Diomidis D. Spinellis
    * Project: Provide a audit log analysis tool
      Student: Liu Dongmei
      Mentor: Robert Watson
    * Project: Improve the FreeBSD Ports Collection Infrastructure
      Student: Gabor Kovesdan
      Mentor: Andrew Pantyukhin
    * Project: PMC GUI
      Student: Mathieu Prevot
      Mentor: Joseph Koshy

    * Project: http support for PXE
      Student: Alexey Tarasov
      Mentor: Ed Maste

    * Project: Graphical installer for FreeBSD (finstall)
      Student: Ivan Voras
      Mentor: Murray Stokely

    * Project: Porting Linux KVM to FreeBSD
      Student: Fabio Checconi
      Mentor: Luigi Rizzo

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