[FreeBSD-Announce] The FreeBSD Foundation's Fall Fundraising Campaign

Deb Goodkin deb at freebsd.org
Mon Nov 27 13:17:19 PST 2006

The FreeBSD Foundation Fall Fundraising Campaign

The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to announce its Fall Fundraising 
Campaign! The success of this effort will have a large impact on our 
budget for next year. There are many ways that you can help us meet our 
goal of raising over $200,000.

o Donate!
We accept checks and credit card payments. Go to 
http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/donate/ to find out more.

o Get the word out!
The FreeBSD Foundation relies heavily on word of mouth to promote its 
efforts. Mention the FreeBSD Foundation when you encounter our users and 

o Understand some of our expenses.
It costs the Foundation over $20,000 a year in legal fees just to 
safeguard the project's intellectual property. Our efforts span the 
globe. We've spent over $15,000 sponsoring BSDCan, EuroBSDCon, and 
AsiaBSDCon. And, we spent another $17,000 in travel grants to insure our 
developer community was present to make the most of these events.(Please 
note, these numbers include fourth quarter spending that is not 
reflected in our published profit and loss statement.) Almost half of 
the Foundation's budget targets funded development projects.

o Talk to your employer.
Does your company benefit from technology developed by the FreeBSD 
community? Supporting the FreeBSD Foundation is an excellent way to 
insure continued innovation that is released under the liberal terms of 
the BSD license.

o Tell us your FreeBSD success story.
Help us make our case to others. Do you know of a novel use of FreeBSD? 
A product made possible through the use of FreeBSD technology? A 
successful deployment of FreeBSD servers? Tell us about it so we can 
promote these stories on our website.

We have received a tremendous response to our fundraiser so far.  We 
would like to thank all the individuals, businesses, and organizations 
that have already made donations to the foundation.


The FreeBSD Foundation Board of Directors	

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