[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD logo design competition

Jun Kuriyama kuriyama at FreeBSD.org
Tue Feb 22 15:26:41 PST 2005

The FreeBSD Project is pleased to announce a public competition to
design a new Project logo.  Entry to the competition is open to all

The rules of the competition are included below.

We look forward to receiving many varied logo designs from all
over the world!

Jun Kuriyama <kuriyama at FreeBSD.org>, on behalf of
The FreeBSD Core Team <core at FreeBSD.org>.

* What is the FreeBSD Project?

The FreeBSD Project provides a free UNIX-like operating system for the
Intel-compatible, Alpha, and SPARC platforms, based on the
industry-standard Berkeley Software Distribution. The FreeBSD Project
includes several thousand developers from dozens of countries around
the world, who funnel their work through a team of several hundred
committers. FreeBSD is available for no cost on the Internet, and as a
shrink-wrap product through many different retail vendors, listed at
www.FreeBSD.org/vendors.html. For more information, please visit
FreeBSD on the Web at www.FreeBSD.org.

(UNIX is a trademark of The Open Group).

The FreeBSD Project is a team of individuals from all corners of the
globe who volunteer time and expertise to develop the FreeBSD
operating system.

FreeBSD is derived from historical BSD, the version of UNIX(tm)
developed at the University of California, Berkeley.  FreeBSD is used
as a base for Apple's Mac OS X, countless high profile web servers and
backbone routers in the Internet.  FreeBSD is available free of
charge, and comes with full source code and a liberal license.

* History

Historically, BSD-based operating systems including FreeBSD have used
a daemon character, sometimes known as Beastie, as a mascot [1] and
combined it with the text "FreeBSD" as an informal logo.  However,
FreeBSD needs a formal logo for several reasons:

	* The Beastie mascot is not unique to FreeBSD.  Instead it is
	  a mascot for the entire collection of BSD-based operating
	  systems including 4BSD, NetBSD, and FreeBSD.

	* The Beastie mascot has been combined with the text "FreeBSD"
	  in several different ways.  While the various combinations
	  are nice, the lack of a consistent logo leaves an
	  unprofessional impression.

	* The current informal logos generally do not work well in
	  two or three colors (such as black and white) or when scaled
	  to small or large sizes.  These requirements are important
	  for use in the press.

Thus, the core team has decided to call for a new logo design which is
identifiable, can be used on professional products, and is very cool :-)
Please note that the new logo will not replace the existing mascot.
Beastie is here to stay as our mascot.

[1] http://www.FreeBSD.org/copyright/daemon.html

* Rules

	The main logo symbol for the FreeBSD Project, which will be
	used for the web site, software media labels, printed matter,
	hardware equipment and so on.  This list is not exhaustive.

	* The logo must be identifiable directly to the Project.
	* The logo must be original work of the submitter.
	* The logo should be vector graphics, not a bitmap image.
	* The logo should be usable in monochrome and color media,
          including limited colors (say 2 or 3 colors).
	* The logo must not exploit or offend anyone's sex, race,
	  religion, morality, culture, nor be salacious or
	* The logo must work well with the Beastie mascot so that
	  people are free to put the two images together when
	* The logo should convey attributes of the FreeBSD operating
	  system such as high performance (i.e. fast), reliability,

Submission deadline
	31 May 2005 23:59:59 (UTC)

	The competition is open to all designers, both professional
	and non-professional.  Participation can only take place in a
	private personal capacity.


Submission format
	Each submission should include the following information and
	should be sent to <logo-contest at FreeBSD.org>:

	* High resolution print-ready scalable vector format such as
	  portable EPS, SVG or Adobe Illustrator AI.
	* JPEG or PNG thumbnail with a resolution of 640 x 480.
	* Design concept / description.
	* Submitter's full name, email address.

Copyright assignment
	The FreeBSD Foundation will acquire ownership of the winning
	logo by assignment of copyright, and the winning designer will
	disclaim any trademarks and without limitation all other
	rights related to the design (paperwork will be required).

	By submitting a logo for entry in the competition, the
	designer acknowledges that he/she is the person that made the
	logo and is its rightful owner.

	The designer also certifies that the logo does not infringe
	upon the rights of any third party and that it does not
	violate any copyright.

	* Designs will not be returned to the designers.
	* No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are lost,
	  delayed or damaged.
	* Any submissions which does not satisfy the above "submission
	  format" will be ignored without any warning.

Latest information

	If you have a question about this competition, please drop us
	a note at the logo-contest at FreeBSD.org email address.  We will
	put questions and answers at the site above.
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