[FreeBSD-Announce] Ports scheduled for removal on August 20

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Mon Jun 21 22:00:20 GMT 2004

Dear FreeBSD users, 

The following ports are scheduled for removal on 20 August 2004 if
they are still unbuildable at that time and no PRs have been submitted
to fix them. If you are interested in saving these ports, please send
your patches to the maintainer listed below. If the maintainer is
unresponsive or the maintainer is listed as "ports at FreeBSD.org"
(i.e. the port is unmaintained), then please submit them via send-pr.

In most cases, the build error logs can be obtained from


Further information can be obtained from the CVS commit logs at


Kris "Port Reaper" Kennaway 

linux-unace-2.20            archivers/linux-unace       pav at FreeBSD.org
py23-musicbrainz-1.0_2      audio/py-musicbrainz        knu at FreeBSD.org
ruby18-musicbrainz-0.1.0_2  audio/ruby-musicbrainz      knu at FreeBSD.org
sfront-0.86                 audio/sfront                ports at FreeBSD.org
fasta3-33.t08.d4            biology/fasta3              wjv at FreeBSD.org
lsysexp-0.67_2              biology/lsysexp             dyeske at yahoo.com
xunicode-0.3.3              converters/xunicode         knu at FreeBSD.org
edb-1.0.3_1                 databases/edb               ports at FreeBSD.org
gnats-3.113.1_9             databases/gnats             des at FreeBSD.org
rdfdb-0.46_2                databases/rdfdb             ports at FreeBSD.org
ruby18-flex_rb-0.10_1       devel/ruby-flex_rb          knu at FreeBSD.org
ruby18-gconf-0.2_1          devel/ruby-gconf            knu at FreeBSD.org
whups-        devel/whups                 thierry at pompo.net
ia64sim-0.5_1               emulators/ia64sim           ports at FreeBSD.org
vmware_xf4mod-1.0           emulators/vmware_xf4mod     ports at FreeBSD.org
fr-abispell-fr-20020418_1   french/abispell-fr-FR       fab at gcu.info
crafty-open-small-19970301  games/crafty-open-small     seggers at semyam.dinoco.de
dungeon-1.0                 games/dungeon               rmiya at cc.hirosaki-u.ac.jp
fsgs-               games/fsgs                  dburr at FreeBSD.ORG
hlserver-pvk-2.2.b          games/hlserver-pvk          lioux at FreeBSD.org
hlserver-snow-1.0           games/hlserver-snow         lioux at FreeBSD.org
hlserver-svencoop-1.19.1    games/hlserver-svencoop     lioux at FreeBSD.org
hlserver-trainhunters-2.0.b0 games/hlserver-trainhunters lioux at FreeBSD.org
quakeserver-1.0             games/quakeserver           ports at FreeBSD.org
rtcw-1.1b                   games/rtcw                  nik at FreeBSD.org
utserver-asu-0.5            games/utserver-asu          ports at FreeBSD.org
giram-0.3.5_3               graphics/giram              ports at FreeBSD.org
maverik-6.2_1               graphics/maverik            ports at FreeBSD.org
pstoepsi-20020711           graphics/pstoepsi           mita at FreeBSD.org
py-imaging-handbook-1.1     graphics/py-imaging-handbook ports at FreeBSD.org
ruby18-gdchart-0.0.9b       graphics/ruby-gdchart       knu at FreeBSD.org
iw-pine-            hebrew/pine                 nadav at cs.technion.ac.il
hybserv-1.8.0_1             irc/hybserv                 rick at help-desk.ca
ja-edict-sdic-20010615      japanese/edict-sdic         taoka at FreeBSD.org
ja-linux-mozillafirebird-gtk1-0.7 japanese/linux-mozillafirebird-gtk1 voisine at yahoo.com
ja-linux_locale-18.0_2      japanese/linux_locale       ports at FreeBSD.org
ja-ptex-3.1.3               japanese/ptex               max at FreeBSD.org
ja-ruby18-chasen-1.6_1      japanese/ruby-chasen        knu at FreeBSD.org
ja-slrn-             japanese/slrn               ukatsuta at mud.biglobe.ne.jp
ja-texinfo-4.5_1            japanese/texinfo            mitsuru at riken.go.jp
ruby-mode.el- lang/ruby-mode.el         knu at FreeBSD.org
cyrus-1.6.24_4              mail/cyrus                  ports at FreeBSD.org
youbin-3.5                  mail/youbin                 max at FreeBSD.org
ruby18-math3d-0.04          math/ruby-math3d            knu at FreeBSD.org
biblereader-0.4.2           misc/biblereader            ports at FreeBSD.org
linux-opengroupware-1.0_1   misc/linux-opengroupware    frank.reppin at boerde.de
moviedb-3.8                 misc/moviedb                user at unknown.nu
opencyc-0.7.0               misc/opencyc                alexs at snark.rinet.ru
freenet-        net/freenet                 lioux at FreeBSD.org
fspclient-0.0.6             net/fspclient               hsn at netmag.cz
ntp-4.1.80.r1               net/ntp-devel               cy at FreeBSD.org
partysip-2.1.1              net/partysip                ports at FreeBSD.org
ssh-1.2.27_1                picobsd/ssh-picobsd         luigi at FreeBSD.org
bjfiltercom-1.3             print/bjfiltercom           taoka at FreeBSD.org
hostsentry-0.02             security/hostsentry         ports at FreeBSD.org
mindterm-binary-1.2.1       security/mindterm-binary    alex at FreeBSD.org
3dm-,1          sysutils/3dm                ports at FreeBSD.org
slmon-0.5.12_2              sysutils/slmon              ports at FreeBSD.org
py23-ltxml-1.3_1            textproc/py-ltxml           ports at FreeBSD.org
ruby18-wordnet-0.02_1       textproc/ruby-wordnet       knu at FreeBSD.org
tei-xsl-fo-2.1              textproc/tei-xsl-fo         ports at henrik-motakef.de
tei-xsl-html-2.1            textproc/tei-xsl-html       ports at henrik-motakef.de
apache_fp-1.3.27_1          www/apache13-fp             ports at FreeBSD.org
jonah-        www/jonah                   thierry at pompo.net
phpnuke-6.9                 www/phpnuke                 ports at FreeBSD.org
py23-webware-0.8.1          www/py-webware              sschwarzer at sschwarzer.net
wb0-000324_1                www/wb0                     trevor at FreeBSD.org
xdiskusage-1.46_2           x11-fm/xdiskusage           trevor at FreeBSD.org
gnocl-0.5.15_2              x11-toolkits/gnocl          stephane at FreeBSD.org
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