[FreeBSD-Announce] Ports scheduled for removal in March and April

Kris Kennaway kris at FreeBSD.org
Wed Feb 25 01:22:30 PST 2004

Dear FreeBSD users,

The following ports are scheduled for removal in March and April 2004
if they are still broken at that time and no PRs have been submitted
to fix them.  If you are interested in saving these ports, please send
your patches to the maintainer.  If the maintainer is unresponsive or
the maintainer is listed as ports at FreeBSD.org, then please submit your
fixes via send-pr.

If you have already submitted a PR containing a fix, please ignore
this message as it will be taken care of shortly.

As usual, the build error logs can be obtained from

Kris "Annoying reminder guy II" Kennaway

#-*- mode: makefile; tab-width: 30; -*-
# ex:ts=30

databases/mysqlcc	ferruccio.vitale at tin.it	2004-04-22
databases/postgresql-plruby	knu at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-15
databases/ruby-search-namazu	knu at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-21
devel/glg	lo_gafet at users.sourceforge.net 2004-04-09
devel/imake	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-03-09
devel/py-orbit	wjv at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-09
devel/qt-designer	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-21
devel/veepee	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-09
emulators/linux-ePSXe	jylefort at brutele.be	2004-04-16
graphics/cybervrml97	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-09
irc/dancer-services	knu at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-21
japanese/vfxdvi300	mita at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-09
java/kaffe-devel	xaa+ports at timewasters.nl	2004-04-21
lang/stackless_python	perky at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-07
mail/gmail	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-21
mail/smunge	midom at dammit.lt	2004-04-18
misc/libh	anarcat at anarcat.ath.cx	2004-04-22
multimedia/netshow	dburr at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-16
net/amsn	yinjieh at csie.nctu.edu.tw	2004-04-21
net/eudc-emacs20	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-18
net/gale	peterh at sapros.com	2004-04-07
net/ginsu	jason-fbsd-ports-ginsu at shalott.net 2004-04-19
net/hawk	DougB at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-15
net/netsaint-plugins	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-03-20
net/nicotine	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-17
net/openldap20-server	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-05-01
net/openldap12	lodea at vet.com.au	2004-04-18
net/openreg	seanc at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-21
net/papaya	adam-ports at blacktabby.org	2004-04-17
net/py-ldap1	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-18
net/ruby-jabber4r	knu at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-15
print/lyx	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-16
security/inflex	jus at security.za.net	2004-04-09
www/Mosaic	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-09
www/flashplugin-mozilla	llwang at infor.org	2004-04-22
www/flashpluginwrapper	nork at FreeBSD.org	2004-03-09
www/scoop	patrick at ginx.com	2004-04-16
www/web500gw	ports at FreeBSD.org	2004-04-18
x11-servers/XttXF86srv-common	taguchi at tohoku.iij.ad.jp	2004-04-09
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