[FreeBSD-Announce] Ports scheduled for removal on Feb 2

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Sun Nov 2 20:54:22 PST 2003

Dear FreeBSD users,

The following ports are scheduled for removal on 2 February 2004 if
they are still broken at that time and no PRs have been submitted to
fix them.  If you are interested in saving these ports, please send
your patches to the maintainer listed below.  If the maintainer is
unresponsive or the maintainer is listed as "ports at FreeBSD.org"
(i.e. the port is unmaintained), then please submit them via send-pr.

As usual, the build error logs can be obtained from

Kris "Ports Janitor" Kennaway

WMxmms-0.1.4			multimedia/WMxmms	danfe at regency.nsu.ru
aewm-1.2.3			x11-wm/aewm		trevor at FreeBSD.org
bed-0.2.19			editors/bed		ports at FreeBSD.org
boost-1.30.0_1			devel/boost		pmarquis at pobox.com
bpft-4.20030925			net/bpft		aquatique at rusunix.org
bro-0.8				security/bro		ports at FreeBSD.org
caudium-devel-,1	www/caudium-devel	kiwi at oav.net
centericq-4.9.7_3		net/centericq		clsung at dragon2.net
cgoban-1.9.14			games/cgoban		simonm at dcs.gla.ac.uk
cheatah-1.5.5			misc/cheatah		wvengen at stack.nl
clip-1.1.0			databases/clip		ports at FreeBSD.org
clo++-0.6.3			devel/clo++		kevlo at FreeBSD.org
cyrus-sasl-saslauthd-2.1.15_3	security/cyrus-sasl2-saslauthd	ume at FreeBSD.org
diacanvas-0.40.1		graphics/diacanvas	ports at FreeBSD.org
djvulibre-3.5.12		graphics/djvulibre	coop9211 at uidaho.edu
dspam-2.7.1			mail/dspam		dom at wirespeed.org.uk
evilbar-1.2.1			audio/evilbar		jens at arnfast.net
foomatic-db-engine-20030704	print/foomatic-db-engine	gasp at ridcully.dnsalias.org
fpl-14.12			lang/fpl		d.marks at student.umist.ac.uk
gdome2-0.8.1			textproc/gdome2		knu at FreeBSD.org
gkrellkam-2.0.0			graphics/gkrellkam2	ports at FreeBSD.org
gnubg-0.13.0			games/gnubg		kaoru at kaisei.org
ja-gaim-0.72			japanese/gaim		morishita at skywing.org
krb5-1.3.1			security/krb5		cy at FreeBSD.org
libwhisker-1.8			security/libwhisker	jan at atstake.com
linux_mesa-3.4.2_1		graphics/linux_mesa3	mastake at msel.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
lmule-1.2.1_1			net/lmule		lioux at FreeBSD.org
mod_jk-1.2.4,1			www/mod_jk		girgen at pingpong.net
mup-4.5				print/mup		darius at dons.net.au
netshow-2.00.251		multimedia/netshow	dburr at FreeBSD.org
newfile-1.0.13_1		devel/newfile		sergei at FreeBSD.org
numlockx-1.0			x11/numlockx		jb.quenot at caraldi.com
p5-Algorithm-Evolutionary-0.53	devel/p5-Algorithm-Evolutionary	ports at FreeBSD.org
perldap-1.4.1			net/perldap		paul at FreeBSD.org
pfaedit-20031020		print/pfaedit		kanou at khdd.net
php-gtk-0.5.2_3			x11-toolkits/php-gtk	kiesel at schlund.de
platero-1.0			net/platero		brueffer at phoenix-systems.de
platon-2001.03.09_1		biology/platon		rmiya at cc.hirosaki-u.ac.jp
prc-tools-2.2_1			palm/prc-tools		ports at FreeBSD.org
py23-kde-3.3.2			x11-toolkits/py-kde	nbm at FreeBSD.org
py23-osd-0.2.6			misc/py-osd		larse at isi.edu
q3server-ut-3.0			games/q3server-ut	pat at FreeBSD.org
quat-gui-1.20			graphics/quat-gui	dyeske at yahoo.com
rancid-2.2.2_3			net/rancid		janos.mohacsi at bsd.hu
ruby-gdk_pixbuf2-0.7.0_1	graphics/ruby-gdk_pixbuf2	knu at FreeBSD.org
ruby-gsl-0.2.3			math/ruby-gsl		knu at FreeBSD.org
sary-1.1.0			textproc/sary		knu at FreeBSD.org
simpack-3.0			math/simpack		ports at FreeBSD.org
spice-3f5.2			cad/spice		ports at FreeBSD.org
spiralsynth-0.1.7		audio/spiralsynth	trevor at FreeBSD.org
swarm-2.1.1_2			devel/swarm		horance at freedom.ie.cycu.edu.tw
texmacs-		editors/texmacs		mainland at apeiron.net
uk-iceb-5.35			ukrainian/iceb		vchekan at softline.kiev.ua
unroff-1.0.2			textproc/unroff		ports at freebsd.org
userneu-1.38			sysutils/userneu	fehlner at gmx.de
vide-0.5			x11-fm/vide		careilly at thecia.ie
xmess-sdl-0.67.2		emulators/xmess		ports at FreeBSD.org
xmltex-1.9			print/xmltex		nik at FreeBSD.org
xmms-uade-0.80_6		audio/xmms-uade		mbr at FreeBSD.org
xpilot-ng-4.5.4X2		games/xpilot-ng		jylefort at brutele.be
ymessenger-1.0.4,20020902	net/ymessenger		sethk at meowfishies.com
zh-xemacs-20.4_1		chinese/xemacs		ports at FreeBSD.org
zh-xmms-1.2.8_1			chinese/xmms		clive at FreeBSD.org
zonecheck-2.0.0b7		dns/zonecheck		janos.mohacsi at bsd.hu
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