[freebsd-announce] Upcoming BSD product releases

Gregory Sutter gsutter at daemonnews.org
Wed Mar 26 19:19:41 PST 2003

Daemon News is pleased to announce the following BSD products due for
release within the next few weeks.  We are taking pre-orders on all
of these products via BSDMall.com: order now and when the release
occurs we will process your order and ship your goods.

 - The Complete FreeBSD, 4th edition, by Greg Lehey

      For more than five years, The Complete FreeBSD has provided
      information on a wide range of topics involving FreeBSD.
      This new edition, published by O'Reilly Community Press, is
      the only published book that covers FreeBSD 5.0 and beyond.
      The Complete FreeBSD is due to be published in early May.
      Pre-order now and reserve your copy from the first shipment.

   To pre-order: http://bsdmall.com/cofr.html

 - FreeBSD 4.8, by the FreeBSD Project and contributors

      The next release from the stable branch of FreeBSD is due any
      day now.  Following the release, Daemon News will create 4-CD
      sets and ship them to our subscribers and pre-order customers.
      Pre-order your copy today, or sign up for our subscription
      program and have every release sent to you automatically.

   To pre-order: http://bsdmall.com/frve48p.html
   To subscribe: http://bsdmall.com/cdsub.html

 - OpenBSD 3.3, by the OpenBSD Project and contributors

      OpenBSD 3.3, the latest release of this secure BSD operating
      system, is due out on CD May 1.  You can pre-order it now or
      sign up for a subscription to receive it automatically.

   To pre-order: http://bsdmall.com/opve33p.html
   To subscribe: http://bsdmall.com/cdsub.html

If you're interested in subscribing to more than one operating
system's releases, we also offer multi-OS subscriptions through
the BSD Mall.  We are the only ones offering subscriptions to
multiple BSD OSes on CD.

   To subscribe: http://bsdmall.com/bsdmulcdsub.html

Finally, if you want more information on any of our services,
please take a look at our web site.  Thanks.


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