2nd European BSD Conference 2002 - registration open

Walter Belgers walter at belgers.com
Thu Sep 5 01:59:45 PDT 2002

                          Registration Open For

                    2nd European BSD Conference 2002

                          November 15-17, 2002
                       Amsterdam, The Netherlands

               A conference organized by Stichting EuroBSDCon


The  Berkeley Software Distributions (BSDs)  represent one of the oldest and
most  vigorous  streams  of  Open  Source  development.  Together,  OpenBSD,
FreeBSD,  NetBSD,  Darwin,  and BSD/OS  represent  millions  of  servers and
desktops.  The BSDs have long been part of the backbone of the Internet,  in
everything  from embedded  applications  to large server installations,  and
will soon be widely  deployed on consumer desktops.   If you want to develop
cutting-edge  network applications,  then the European BSD conference is the
place to be. Meet all the movers and shakers of the BSD community, and learn
how you can use BSD as part of your enterprise-grade solutions.

As  of  August  22nd,  the  program  (one day  of tutorials  and two days of
technical  sessions)  has been finalized  and registration is possible.  The
keynote speaker  will be Mike Karels;   for an overview of all speakers (and
abstracts), and the registration costs, please see our website.

If you register early you will get a discount on the conference fee. You can
register for the tutorial program,  the conference program and/or the social
event. Full-time students get an extra discount.

At this moment, payments can only be done via wire transfers. Before the end
of  September,  credit card  payments will be added.  To keep the conference
costs low, wire transfers are preferred.

The official language at the conference will be English.


 Deadline early registration:   October 18, 2002
 Closin date:                   November 6, 2002


 Official website:              http://2002.eurobsdcon.org/
 Registration:                  http://2002.eurobsdcon.org/registration.html


Program chair <prog-chair at eurobsdcon2002.org>
Walter Belgers, Madison Gurkha, NL

Program Committee <pc at eurobsdcon2002.org>
Frank van der Linden, Wasabi Systems, NL
Wim Vandeputte, KD85.com bvba, BE
Paul Kranenburg, Erasmus University, NL

Event Organization <org at eurobsdcon2002.org>
Guido van Rooij, chairman, Madison Gurkha, NL
Robert Kochheim, treasurer, Snow bv, NL
Walter Belgers, secretary, Madison Gurkha, NL
Jos Jansen, board member, Snow bv, NL
Marielle Klatten & Sabina Beeke, conference organizer, ICONIQ, NL

  For questions not being answered at http://2002.eurobsdcon.org/, please
        contact the Iconiq office by e-mail: info at eurobsdcon2002.org

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