Daemon News Magazine Issue #6 Now Available

Chris Coleman chrisc at vmunix.com
Fri Mar 1 21:58:09 PST 2002

Daemon News is pleased to announce the winter quarter issue of the
print magazine.

As always, this issue delivers insiteful BSD articles and exceptional 
graphics which do not appear anywhere on the Internet, as well as 
reprints from the FreeBSD Diary, BSD at Work, and Daemon News Ezine.

This issue is already on its way to current subscribers, and many of 
you may have already received it. My copy arrived in the mail today!

Also new is the availability of a pdf of the entire issue. When 
ordering on-line, a zipped PDF can be downloaded immediately; of course 
a hardcopy will be mailed to you as well.

Table of Contents:

  Getting to the source of Mac OS X 
  Scanning e-mail for viruses with Kaspersky 
  FreeBSD Diary: Upgrading Ports 
  OpenBSD PF How-To 
  Book Review: FreeBSD Unleashed 
  Dual Booting NetBSD and Mac OS X 
  Embedded BSD 

You can order from:


Magazine Subscriptions are available here:


Vendor pricing will be handled through cylogistics.com.  

Chris Coleman		Editor in Chief
Daemon News E-Zine	http://www.daemonnews.org
Print Magazine		http://magazine.daemonnews.org
BSDMall			http://www.bsdmall.com

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