FreeBSD-related courses in San Francisco

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Wed Jan 30 17:54:24 PST 2002

Building a Web Server Using Open Source Software
   Monday-Tuesday, February 25-26, 2002
   425 Market Street, San Francisco, California

In this two-day hands-on workshop, you will
install the FreeBSD operating system and Apache
web server and learn how to configure and manage
your own PC-based web server.  Course fee includes
all software and reference books, 12 hours of
instruction, lunch and refreshments each day.

New this term:  The course has been expanded from
one to two full days in order to cover the
new Apache 2.0 web server and provide additional
time to learn practical web server management

Instructor: Tim Kientzle, kientzle at

Design of High-performance Web Clusters
   Tuesday/Thursday, February 19 and 21, 2002
   425 Market Street, San Francisco, California

By combining multiple computers, you can construct
systems that deliver top performance and world-class
reliability.  We'll take a detailed look at
load-balancing and failover, how to partition
services across multiple machines, and how to administer
these systems year after year.  We'll also discuss the
issues that arise in developing and evaluating
software to take advantage of a web cluster's
unique capabilities.

Related courses:

Building Database-Driven Web Applications Using Perl
   Thursday-Friday, February 28-March 1, 2002
   San Francisco

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