Finally, printed documentation!

Rich Morin rdm at
Wed Jan 30 15:52:19 PST 2002

   Prime Time Freeware is pleased to announce the DOSSIER series of
   topical document collections for Free and Open Source software.  Each
   volume covers a given subtopic (e.g., "Email: Exim 3"), including a
   variety of documents (articles, man pages, papers, READMEs, ...).

   DOSSIER provides diverse and timely coverage, using mechanized editing,
   demand printing, and Internet-based ordering.  As Peter Salus says in
   The Bookworm (:login; February, 2002):

       Rich Morin has begun a wonderful series, called DOSSIER
       [= Documenting Open Source Software for Industry, Education,
       and Research].  Rich has collected documents, placed them
       into a straightforward taxonomy, and printed them in handy
       400 page volumes.  I spent several hours reading in the
       Email: Mail and Sendmail volume.  (There's also an Email:
       Exim 3 volume.)  It's just great!  There are File Systems,
       Kernel, and Text volumes, three PostgreSQL volumes, and two
       Python volumes.  They run just over $40 each, including
       postage.  A bargain.

       Collect 'em all from:

       Great idea, Rich.

   A bargain, indeed.  Many administrators and programmers would love to
   have convenient sets of printed documentation, but few of us have the
   time to keep them up to date.  So, we "get by" with online versions,
   supplemented by locally-printed copies.

   Unfortunately, online access has some failings.  The resolution is low;
   the viewing angle is often hard to adjust, manipulation can be difficult,
   and annotation can be impossible.  Printed volumes, with a millennium or
   so of interface design and testing, have undeniable merits.

   When you need to understand a complex package or topic, a relevant
   document collection can be an invaluable resource.  Having it arrive at
   the touch of a button, at a reasonable price, is magic indeed.

   DOSSIER volumes and sets may be purchased at BSDMall (;
   general information is available at  An overview of
   the motivation and rationale for DOSSIER may be found in

       DOSSIER and the Meta Project (Part 1)
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