Change of FreeBSD Security Officer

Kris Kennaway kris at
Mon Jan 28 01:11:24 PST 2002

It's with mixed feelings that I'm announcing my resignation as FreeBSD
Security Officer.  Over the past few months as my PhD has progressed,
my available free time has dropped significantly and it's clear that
I no longer have the time to adequately fulfil the duties of security
officer.  I still intend to remain a FreeBSD commiter and will
continue to assist in security matters as my free time allows (Paul,
Guido, Warner; is there room down there for another emeritus, or do we
need to construct that 10th Circle yet?).

The FreeBSD core team has approved Jacques Vidrine
<nectar at> as my successor; Jacques has been a member of the
FreeBSD Security Officer Team for the last 6 months or so, and has
taken charge of managing and releasing advisories for the past few
months while I have been busy.  I'm confident that FreeBSD security is
in good hands with Jacques in charge.

As always, the security officer team can be contacted at
security-officer at

Kris Kennaway
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